Why study Business Administration

Business administration is a vast field which includes several interesting professions. Whether you like numbers, management or sales, you will find the job you need here. Which administration profession is right for you? Get to know some trades that relate to the field of business administration.


Marketing includes all the techniques that make it possible to determine the value of a product or service in order to offer it to consumers. It is the marketing specialist who allows a product to be sold by highlighting its characteristics. He must therefore have these skills in order to exercise his profession:

  • Creativity
  • Team spirit
  • Persuasive

Human resources

The human resources manager develops and implements the human resources management practices (recruitment, training, management) of the organization with which he works. He also sees to the well-being and development of the employees of this organization. He must have the following skills:

  • Listen
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Economy

The specialist in economics assesses and explains the economic activity of a field or several sectors. It solves the problems and predicts the phenomena that the monitored area will experience. It also assesses the economic impact of certain decisions while analyzing the socio-demographic and political factors that have influenced them. The economics specialist is:

  • Good at math
  • Analyst
  • Meticulous

Business Technology

The Business Technology Specialist understands the technology environment of a business’s needs. He is able to design and integrate technological systems that correspond to the business requirements of a company. The business technology expert has the following skills:

  • Analytical mind
  • Good at problem solving
  • Logic


Management understands the management techniques used taking into account the company, its context, its problems and its current challenges. It brings together executive and managerial positions. To be a good management specialist, you must be:

  • Leader
  • Confident
  • Good at problem solving

Employment prospects

Both on the private and government side, several career options are available for those passionate about business administration. In several of its fields, it is possible to specialize, improve and improve your education.

Those who aspire to a managerial position often have opportunities available to them after a few years of working in their field.

For innovative and personalized educational approaches

The courses offered by the Business Administration Sector are based on innovative teaching approaches. The courses favor practical training and are adapted to the needs of the labor market. Classes are taken in small groups and teachers are available.

For excellent job prospectsThe BBA has always been a program with many job prospects and well-paying jobs. Whether it is to start a business or to work within a company, training in business administration is a wise choice. Thanks to training adapted to market needs, business management courses in malaysia BBA students have a practical sense and a greater capacity to integrate into the job market. For more articles similar to this one, click here.

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