What Parents Should Not Do

Being new at parenting is okay. You just need a little nudge in the right direction. Remember that alongside the things you have to do when you have a child, you also have things or behaviours as a parent that you should avoid. Give them what they need, maybe from an online baby store. But ultimately, be there for them and support them. Thus, these are several things you should NOT do as a parent:

Ignore What’s “Inside Their Head”

Their brain is in charge of everything they do, including how they think, act, and interact with others. They work well when their brain is functioning properly. They have problems in their lives when they have problems with their brains. And if they’re having problems, you will have those problems as well. You have to do everything you can to be there for them and be patient when you teach them if they do have any brain issues.

Not Spend Time With Them

Relationships need a certain amount of attention. You should be spending at least an hour a day, listening and doing something your child enjoys. Within reason, of course. Simply don’t be distant.

Be A Poor Listener

Don’t interrupt your children when they are attempting to communicate with you. Improve your listening skills by being a more active listener. Allow them to finish their sentence before repeating what you heard so they know you heard them.

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Call Your Kid Names

Don’t say stuff like “spoiled brat” or “idiot”. You will only make them feel worse than they probably already feel and will grow up thinking that they are the names you call them.

Be Too Loose

Allowing your child to do anything they want may make them happy in the short term, but it can have long-term consequences. Children require clearly defined limitations or boundaries. Parents who do not set boundaries for their children are more likely to have psychological issues. Be firm while remaining kind.

Be A Bad Influence 

For instance, if you keep ordering your child to eat their vegetables but turn around and eat junk foods yourself, they won’t comprehend why they would need to eat veggies when you are eating junk food. This will result in them asking to eat the foods you do and pick up your habits. Children are impressionable, so be a good role model.

Only Notice Their Mistakes

When your kid cleans their room, does their homework or simply takes a shower and brushes their teeth, try to show that you appreciate when they do that. This will encourage them to do those good habits more often.

Ignore Mental Health

Things like autism or ADHD does not normally show until they’re probably 3 years of age. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even know until they’re 20 but the least you can do is support them and provide the treatment they need. Be there for them.

Be Ignorant Towards Your Own Mental Health

If you have a mental health problem, whether it’s PTSD, bipolar disorder, or anything else, it can have a devastating effect on your kids. Remember how they always told you to put your own oxygen mask on first in airplanes? To be the best parent, you must look after yourself and strive to be the best version of yourself.

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