What Happens After Covid-19

What Happens After Covid-19

We’ve all been locked in our homes since 18 March 2020. It’s been a while since most of us have had a vacation. While we still have time, we should map out the places we would like to go to. Perhaps it’s the beach to relax while for some people it’s the kasino online malaysia where they can snag some cash while gambling. Here are some ways on how you can spend your time after Covid-19.

Hotels are going to be fully booked after the pandemic ends. Can you imagine every single person who hasn’t been out in a long time scrambling to book their hotels so that they can finally spend time outside of their own home to get that tan? Even in the short-lived CMCO many people booked hotels and filled local islands such as Langkawi and Penang to destress themselves. Good luck trying to get your hotel room booked.

Next, the highways get clogged with cars. Since many have not seen their families in 2 years, they would be desperate to charge into the highway just to see their extended families across the country. Can you imagine driving 6 hours from Johor to Perak just to see your mother and father? It’s tough but you would. So, would everyone else. You can predict everyone heading to highways or airplanes to get across the country or even world just to see their family members.

Employment. After a year and more of high unemployment rates, it would be predictable that the employment rate recovers to its former glory. Airlines would rehire staff as many are allowed to travel as well as hiring stewards and stewardesses to cope up with the influx of passengers. Restaurants would be hiring more servers and chefs as well as after Covid-19 many are excited to eat out again and not dine in at their homes temporarily. The boom in these sectors will allow for more employment and you can expect more people to get their full-time jobs back.

Masks are here to stay. You think after getting your COVID-19 vaccine you are safe and you no longer need that mask of yours. Sorry but according to the World Health Organisation, masks are here to stay for a little while longer. As even after the vaccine is taken, the presence of the virus remains dormant. There are many chances for the virus to mutate and spread through air droplets as it did before. Perhaps masks wouldn’t be as mandatory but they would be highly encouraged especially for children below 18 who can’t have the vaccine yet.

Finally, it’s time for you just to take a deep breath and relax. After one plus years of just hearing about the number of cases and deaths per day is traumatising. Every day, anxiety fills the people who are hoping for the number of COVID-19 cases to go down. Our front liners can take a break after months of hearing their patients dying. All of us can relax when watching the news and know that there isn’t a MCO or CMCO or another RMCO up on our lane. Crossing states without permission might feel weird. Play slot casino malaysia by staying home so that we all can stay safe and live to see a day without COVID-19 again.

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