Vibrating clitoral massagers

An intimate massager is a device that allows you to relax after a hard day and experience incredible pleasure, whether you have a partner or not. You can get sex toys Malaysia that are always ready to support your sexual desire and help you achieve a bright orgasm.

Contrary to popular belief, clitoral massagers are not only used by single women. They are often used during partner sex – or as a foreplay before intercourse. This is necessary for many women, because many of them have difficulty with vaginal orgasm, enjoying only the stimulation of the clitoris or, for example, the g-spot.

Vibrators with electrical stimulation

A vibrator for massage of erogenous zones with electrical stimulation is practically the same toy, however, in addition to vibration, it also stimulates the erogenous zones with the help of electrical impulses. A slight tingling sensation of electrical impulses in the intimate area can cause a violent orgasm.

The human brain receives information from nerve cells in the form of electrical impulses. In this way, you can feel touches, hugs and even pleasure from sex. It is in order for the vagina massager to give you incredible emotions that some manufacturers have added the function of electro-stimulation to these toys.

Vaginal massagers: pleasant and useful

Myostimulation, i.e. Stimulation with electrical impulses, widely used in medicine. It is used to treat various chronic diseases, as well as to increase muscle tone. The latter suggests that using a vibrating vagina massager with electrical stimulation, you can not only experience pleasure, but also train your internal muscles.

The reviews of doctors left about a vibrator with electro-stimulation indicate the great benefits of such a device for women’s health:

  • Improved blood supply to tissues;
  • Rapid recovery of vaginal muscles after childbirth;
  • Increased sensitivity of erogenous zones and improved orgasms;
  • Prevention of prolapse of the uterus;
  • Preventing bladder weakness and treating urinary incontinence;
  • Avoiding the possibility of weakening the internal muscles.

All these facts indicate that using vibrators with electrical stimulation is not only pleasant but also beneficial.

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