Top Downloaded E-book Apps

Are you a book worm? If yes, this article is really for you. It is quite difficult to carry books everywhere even though you put them in your bag. It will take space. The best thing that you can do is use an e-book. Wondering what is an e-book? Well, it means an electronic book that you can easily carry whenever you go. Using e-book, you not only can carry one book but a million books using your gadget like a phone or tablet. You can download an e-book app that has many e-books on it. Let’s move on to what e-book that you can download to read while you free. 

  1. Kindle

Kindle is an app that was developed by Amazon and manufacture by Foxconn. It was released on 19 November 2007. There are about 1.5 million books on this app so you can choose which one book that suits your style. Other than a book reader, this app is also suitable for magazine readers and newspaper readers. Many users said it is very convenient for them to use e-book and Kindle is a very good option for them to choose because have a variety of choice to read. 

  1. Serial Box

The serial box is free but has in-app purchase and it cost about $0.99 to $29.99 per item. You also can choose not to buy it if you do not want to and this app takes about 42m in size only. It really can fit well in your phone, tablet, or any others gadget but it requires at least android 6.0 and up to support. There are about 50K users who have downloaded this app and it actually is a really good number. check out this link to know why you should move to Malaysia.

  1. Scribd

Scribd also a really great app for you to download because not only offers e-book but also offer audiobook for you to download. This app is free to download but also have in app purchase and the product cost RM 32.20 to RM 44.30 per item. The content rating in this app is rated for 12+ and parental guidance. You also can set a sleep timer and download an audiobook and listen to it while you offline. Other than that, you might love this app because it can customize font size, type and you can change the background color. The monthly subscription starts from $9.99 and it automatically renews. One user said that this app is really cool like Netflix but it is for ebooks and audiobooks. 

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