Soy Wax And Beeswax


The candles are always very influential in our daily life but they are not always friendly. The scented candles are very charming though but the fragrance or scent can be sometimes dangerous. Because the scented candles when it burns then the soot of the scented candle disperses dangerous chemicals in the air, these chemicals may be harmful for your health. But there are candles which are prepared with natural essential oils and such scented candles are friendly for your home atmosphere. This friendly candle is soy wax. All the scented candles in Malaysia are of good quality and have a friendly nature.

The characteristics of soy wax

The most commonly used wax is vegetable soy wax. Based on soy, it is a much higher quality wax than paraffin thanks to its natural, clean, renewable and ecological substance. Soy wax can also come in organic form. It has a longer burn time than paraffin and its close relative, palm wax. Soy wax is often seen in better quality candles due to the reasons stated above. Although soy wax is a little more expensive than paraffin wax, it is much safer and better for your breathing and living environment.

It is important to understand that all waxes are manufactured separately and that just because soy is said to be used in candles does not mean that other waxes or chemicals are not included. We recommend soy wax as a good quality alternative to paraffin.

The characteristics of Beeswax

The final wax is the highest wax of all. It is known for its health benefits and burning properties. Known as the wax queen, this wax is wax. Beeswax is our favourite wax and we use it in many of our products. This natural wax is obtained by melting the honey that bees prepare to lay honey and lay eggs. Surprisingly, the production of just 1 kg of wax lasts the life of 20,000 bees. This is why it is one of the most expensive wax candles. It is also the best wax for using scented candles.

The properties of the wax

Wax has many hidden and unique properties that make it suitable for all candles equally. OL, this is a natural air purifier. When it melts, the fumes it produces produce negative ions that help remove odours, pollution, and dust in the air. It burns candles in the atmosphere, it is ideal for young lungs or for people who have difficulty breathing. It also naturally produces a sweet fragrance that helps with stress and anxiety. Also, due to its high melting point, it is one of the longest burning waxes on the market, so even a small wax candle will last a long time.


The scented candles in Malaysia are very friendly. Buy scented candles in Malaysia today which is good opportunities for you to make your beautiful and heaven-like. These soy wax and wax candles will be a good addition to the decoration of your home. Scented candles in Malaysia are of good quality and have a friendly nature.

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