Questions To Ask Your Real Estate

  As we grow older with a stable income, we would like to have our own house, rather than living with our parents until we are old. Therefore, we started asking for suggestions and recommendations, we even go for house hunting in certain areas. For those interested in buying or renting property, you can visit Edgeprop. There are times we would make an appointment with the real estate people to ask for their advice. There is this Mont Kiara new condo for sale, and it caught your attention, but you are full of doubts. You have asked your family members and friends, especially people with experience, but there are some questions you can only ask your real estate agent. In this article, I will tell you some of the good questions you can use to ask your real estate agent. 

   The first question you can ask your real estate agent is how long has the house been on the market. This is to identify if the property has a problem or to acknowledge what might have caused people to not buy it, especially if it has been 3 months. If it is true that the property is still not selling after 3 months, you could ask why. Maybe people realized that there is something with the property that you overlooked. Furthermore, if the house has been on the market for that long, you might be able to negotiate for a lower price with your real estate agent. 

   Another question that you can use to your real estate agent is about your neighborhood such as if it is dangerous, or noisy or maybe likes to keep things to themselves. Normally, if the real estate agent received any complaints regarding anything related to the neighborhood, they would have to answer it if you ask. This question can save you from being in a neighborhood that you might not like. If it is true, that the neighborhood is quite dangerous, you might save yourself from losing all of your other assets because why would you even want to be in a dangerous neighborhood, right?

   Finally, for the last question, you can ask about plans for the local area. Generally, this question could help you if there is, then what is it. If it is about construction or any additions to the facilities. Which could also be helpful if you decide to buy the property, you can use it and maybe consider it. But if it is not something useful, maybe it is something that might affect you and as well to your local neighborhood, at least you would know about it early. Maybe the construction would create heavy traffics to the local neighborhood and I am pretty sure you would not want to come back to heavy traffics when you are about to arrive at your house.

   In conclusion, these are all the useful questions you can use on your real estate or property agent. It opens your eyes wider about the property, you could save yourself from certain unnecessary hassles around the local neighborhood and you are aware of like if it is dangerous. Because at the end of the day, this will be your investment for your future as well. 

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