Perks of Developing an Educational Website

Educational websites are becoming an important part of education in this modern age of technology and the internet. Many of the schools and colleges are developing their own websites so that they can provide the necessary information and services to the students and parents. Not only schools and colleges are developing educational websites but there are many people who are developing educational websites to earn some good money by providing the services of their team of experts. In today’s article, we will discuss different aspects of educational websites, what benefits students get from educational websites, how educational websites are helping in higher education in Malaysia, what features you should add to your website to make it more effective and user-friendly,  and where you can find the best web design company in Penang, Malaysia.

College/university access to the Internet has increased significantly in recent years. In Malaysia, for example, the share of education rooms with internet access increased from 51% in 2003 to 93% in 2018. This shows that suitable college/university websites can also be spread. College/university websites, like other websites, consist of several interconnected pages, each with different content. Website design and structure depend on various aspects such as content layout, such as linear structure, branching, or web-like information delivery mode, e. Text, still images, dynamic images, interactive images, audio and video, navigation tools, e.g. thematic directories, illustrated maps, timelines, iconic directions, search facilities, and human resources, e.g. technical knowledge and understanding of the culture and priorities of college/university education.

Education service provider websites can benefit students from Malaysia. The design of an effective educational website is important because web users are often diligent and want quick information – in the end, the goal is to make potential students for real learning. These are INTI International College Penang, KDU College Penang, and Olympia College Penang. This website is chosen in contrast to a list of standards such as source, layout, accessibility, speed, navigation capabilities, content and accuracy, level of detail, latest information, and appearance. According to the results of the study, the KDU College website is the best compared to the other two colleges. However, further improvements could be made in terms of viewing all course fees, FAQs on international and local student admissions, and contact information for faculty, staff, and students. 

Websites should have strong content to complete the interaction. Students and educators feel that interactive and multimedia games play an important role in learning by providing educational tools that span different learning styles. Again, they state that it is important that these elements are relevant to the curriculum; In addition to being fun and exciting. Educational professionals seem to love quick surveys and quizzes because they give them something that can be done quickly and is very enjoyable. It feels like moving pictures, music and sound, games, and interactive activities, videos, and animations are integrated into a website. Jumix design can help you design an attractive and easy-to-navigate website if you are interested in developing a website for your school or college.

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