Paint Colours You Should Use On Your Walls

New homeowner? Well you’re in for luck. Paint colours are an important way for you to personalise your home. There are many colours you can choose to paint your home but all of us have our own biases. Silver could be your lucky colour but it’s an unrealistic colour to have all over your home as it sets a mono tone all over your home. To play around with colours and make your home stand out is the goal. You can get the best architect firm in KL to design your home but if all your paint is yellow in and out of your home, it’s not going to look appealing. Colour and shades matter in this case. So, here are some paint colours you should use on your walls.

The first colour is light blue. Light blue is a very calming colour. It’s normally used in bedrooms and not in living room but it’s an excellent colour to walk into when you’re having a stressed day or a bad day. You can have a sense of peace when your home is painted in blue. Dark blue is more of a statement piece but light blue can go well with anything. You can even compliment the colour with some white to highlight the softness of the light blue. Baby blue or a light blue pastel is an excellent choice to go with white. You can also paint your dining room in a royal blue as it’s a very royal colour. Blue was once a colour only royals could obtain due to how difficult it was to produce the colour. The blue colour also only comes from the wings of butterflies back in the day.

The next colour is grey. Grey is a very modern colour that sets no tone to your home. It’s a very quiet colour that needs no explanation. Pass by a home in grey and all you can think of is modern. Drk grey accented with lighter greys or white makes an excellent match to homes. The shades of the colours will be very complimentary and bring the colour out of each other. You can then use very bright or colourful furniture that can pop the room. The energy of the room will also be as fun and modern as the room itself. Grey is a fun colour to paint your home’s exterior but it’s also a wonderful interior choice. Paint this in the hallway or the stairs of your home and it’ll look spectacular.

Finally, a colour many of us avoid to paint in our homes, pink. I’m not talking hot pink or a bright neon pink but instead of a soft of a very muted pink. Muted pinks like peaches are a great addition to homes if you’re thinking of a very bright looking room. You can of course paint it white but if you aren’t into white walls, pink is a great start. The muted pinks with white or even black if you’re bold can bring out the furniture in the room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list and we hope you take our tips and tricks to your own home to enjoy, Painting is an essential part of your home. Consider these tips when you’re painting your home.

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