Municipality of Bam | Know this opponent this week

Power Shiraz This week in Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Stadium is welcomed by the Bam Al-Sadr  Municipal Team in Group C Competition. This game will be held on Tuesday, March 2, at 14:00.

The Bam Municipal Team has started this season with good sign in hands and has shown good games since the first week and has saved 14 points from the last 18 points in the past six weeks, which is a great hit. The team has won 4 in the 6th round in the second round of the third round of the national league and won 2 equal. The Bam Municipal Team has won the best attacking line with 18 goals in addition to the best in the table. Bam’s fry has scored 3 goals per game per game, which is a very good record. In terms of defensive power, the Bam Municipality is ranked fourth with Firouzabad, Shiraz and Persepolis Borazjan with six goals. The Bam Municipal Team rose to the second round in the first round of the third round of national league games with a total of 27 points out of 11 appearances in the Group E and above the New Copper Team in Kermans.

Members of the Bam Municipal Team

Some Players: Milad Motamed, Mehran Gholamshahi, Mohammad Javad Sadeghi, Kian Mirzadeh, Afshin Soltani, Mohammad Hossein Hahat Abadi, Milad Ansari Far, Ali Reza Naseri, Seyyed Ahmadzar, Hadi Balooei, Ali Vaziri, Hamzeh Saadat Abadi, Hossein Rosempash, 
Head coach : Mahmoud Jaderi 
Coaches: Hossein Saberi, Mehdi Hazini, Gholam Samnejad, Hadi Mohtasham, Abbas Shabani, Sohrabi 
Team Leader : Hasan Eishabadi 
Procurement: Seyyed Reza Mousav

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