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How do I choose a house?

Buying a house such as Kota Kemuning can be a big event for a family. Many people consider the location, amenities, floor and type of house and so on, but often overlook the importance of the building. 

It is especially important to stay away from noise.

When buying a house, you should avoid kindergartens, activity centres, community squares, garage entrances and exits, as these places are particularly susceptible to noise pollution and may even be disturbed for normal rest after moving in.  

Don’t choose a building with a shop on the ground floor.

If the shops on the ground floor are breakfast shops or fast food shops, there is a high risk of smoke drifting to the upper floors, which can easily blacken your balcony and affect the aesthetics of your home.  

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Be aware of the building’s surroundings.

This means that you must be clear about the use of the building, even if it is vacant land at the time of purchase, and ask what the future use will be. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if the neighbourhood was planned to be a refuse station, a power station, a high-voltage line or a signal tower, which would have a huge impact on your daily life. 

Pay attention to the orientation of the building, preferably a house facing north and south.

This is because such houses are well-lit, warm in winter and cool in summer, and particularly well ventilated. If you buy a building with a bad orientation, it will easily affect the indoor lighting and cause a lot of inconvenience when you move in.  

Do not choose a plot with few buildings.

A plot with few buildings means that the greenery will not be good and the infrastructure may not be complete. It is not as safe as a neighbourhood with many buildings.

If you are choosing a house, it should be livable. The first priority is that the rooms should be quiet, do not choose a house on the street, which is too noisy, and try not to choose a house too close to the market, which is too noisy. On this basis, the priority is to choose a house close to the school, a house closer to the market and a house closer to the hospital. 

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