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Experiment Your Fun With A Sex Toy

This is for those who believe that the only way to play with a dildo – whether small or large – is during masturbation and solely for vaginal penetration. Toys for adults can be used in a variety of ways. All you need is a little imagination and, occasionally, a willing partner. It’s possible to play with some toys without even a companion.

Play with dildo sex toys in a new way by being creative. Think about what could be possible and see what your nasty, naughty, sexual imagination comes up with. You can get started with a few of our suggestions.

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Double Penetration

Double penetration, or DP, is well-known to many of us thanks to porn. If you’re unaware, DP entails the simultaneous insertion of two penis into one body. It’s not uncommon for a penis to pass through the vagina and another to pass through the anus. There’s a chance it’ll happen if two penises pierce the vagina or anus simultaneously. This last strategy is most commonly seen in porn, and it’s not something you should try without a lot of planning and practice.

Two penises can be used to do the most popular type of DP (one on each vagina and one on each booty), even if you don’t have two available. When it comes to harnesses, dildos can either be attached to the harness or manually inserted by you and your partner. Again, lubrication and patience are your best friends. If you experience any pain, stop.


People who enjoy being pegged or pegging themselves are well aware of the power of a dildo. In the event that you’re unfamiliar with the concept of pegging, let’s talk about it for a minute. In most cases, pegging occurs when the person who does not have a penis penetrates the partner who does.

When a female partner penetrates her male partner, it’s generally referred to as pegging, whether it’s between two men or two women. Pegging follows the same rules as anal sex.

  1. As a beginner, start with something smaller.
  2. Use a lot of lubrication.
  3. Take it easy.
  4. Try to relax your muscles. To make penetration a little simpler, jack yourself off.
  5. You are still heterosexual after pegging. In this style of intercourse, the focus is on pleasure rather than sexuality.

Fancy the Three

Your threesome fantasy involves an additional penis but you can’t seem to find the proper individual to be your third partner. No need for third parties when you’ve got a dildo on your side. For those who don’t want to use their hands, you might use a dildo that has suction cups and install it on a flat surface.

Incorporate some filthy banter, as if a third person were present. Singles can do this, too, with two dildos. Take a sip of one while the second dildo penetrates your body, or indulge in double penetration on your own. The possibilities are endless!

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