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Ethics You Should Follow While Promoting The Brand

Ethics You Should Follow

Ethics describe a lot of information about the policies of business by an individual’s conduct or how the movement are settle. Also, promoting a product show the way of obligations between a seller and a buyer.

The better advertisement is that which cannot make any false or negative impact on their customers view. For example, putting a signage in front of the company does not work as a false or negative thing.

Here are top four ethics which owners of the branding agencies should choose


The branding agency owners can promote for attract people but they cannot choose anything which mislead people by giving wrong idea. For example if  clothing brand agency Malaysia shows that wearing the clothes of their brand people look good then the ethics is ok but it will be misled if they present that by wearing their clothes people become superstar. Even for a marketing purpose branding agency should not do that.

Making controversy

The agencies should avoid any topic to promote their branding which can make controversy or leave negative impact on their customer. Sometime there will be some wrong promoting methods choose by the branding agencies through advertisements or poster which indicate racism, abuse or unethical issues.


The branding agency should maintain the transparency about their brand and about their ingredient. This is also the loyalty the brand agency should maintain with their customer to gain their trust. For example: If the brand is about any kind of food or drink related chain they should provide all the ingredients name on product label.


There will be some limitation suppose promote drinking or smoking or any kind of stunt on social media which can harm peoples or peoples health then the brand agency should put alert sign to include social awareness. For example watching a person jumping from a high hill can attract a child to do the same activity. So putting awareness can help the parents to understanding the advertisement prospective.

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