Criteria of The Best Directional Signage

Criteria of The Best Directional Signage

Have you ever got lost in a mall or in your new university? Tried looking at the direction signage malaysia around you but became much more confused instead? Well, well, well, trust me you are not the only one with that kind of experience. Only God knows how intense and terrifying those moment were. Talk about directional signage, have you ever wondered how a wayfinding signage could be considered as effective?

Directional Signage

Well, first of all, a good directional signage should prioritise purpose before aesthetics. The main reason it is located in certain location is due to its primary purpose in navigating people to their chosen desired destination. There is no use of having a fancy lettering signage with ornaments around it if it is not readable to visitors and wayfinders. But don’t get me wrong, there is no harm in creating an aesthetically pleasing directional signage, but do make sure it serves its own purpose.

The next aspect is its font size and usage. I mentioned before that the sign should be readable to the viewers, right? So, it is vital that simpler font with a bold characteristic is to be used in creating this signage. It should also be readable from a distance and be accompanied by the most suitable and appropriate image to cater to audience’s comprehension of the signage.

The next thing is the mounting height. It is to be properly planned how far above the sign should be hung or pasted in accordance to their size. As for the colour of the signage, it is important to make sure that the colour of the background and the wordings should be extremely contrasting to each other. This will increase the usefulness and readability of the signage to the audience all over the globe.

What is a directional signage without proper usage of arrows right? This sign is essential as it can be understood universally across the world. Thus, the right arrow placement and suitable location in putting the signage should come hand in hand in ensuring the best informational direction is shown on the signage. If it is not, then it is time to change the signage!

In conclusion, there are myriad of ways in determining whether a signage serves its purpose as a directional signage or not. If you are a signage maker, make sure to take note of these important details for your future reference and to promote various places in the particular state too. As for the signage viewers, let’s try our best not to get lost next time. For those that aren’t a signage maker, you can find any signboard malaysia

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