Check Out the Most Common Wedding Pitfalls

Check Out the Most Common Wedding Pitfalls

Under a normal circumstance, one will only be wed once. Yes, and this is why most couples that are about to be married will really prepare for this big day. This is an event that is worth immortalizing and they want to make sure, their wedding videos and pictures will be beautifully preserved for their future kids. However, while one can make his wedding like a fairytale, it can become sour if he won’t watch it. That said, it is best to learn about the most common wedding pitfalls so you can prepare a backup plan that works and your wedding will not turn into a disaster.

Too Long Partying

Yes, I know that a wedding is an event of a lifetime. However, you should not make your party too long that your guests will start to get bored. Besides, I am pretty sure your husband would also love it if you can rest and start your first night together. The most a wedding even can run should be just 5 hours. After that, you might start seeing your guests yawning.

Cake Disasters

This is another thing that you must watch out for. Your brand new cake should be fresh until it is devoured. While it is best to have the case delivered just at the right time, Wedding photographer you also need to make sure that it will not be moved all the time and that its place should be permanent already. You should make sure as well that it is not near the dance floor where it might be knocked out.

Too Crowded

Is your venue space-limited? If that is the case, you have to ask the owner how many guests it can accommodate and deduct 10 from it. That way, your guests will not have a hard time moving and try to snapping for social media while in your event.


Be sure to hire a professional photographer. You might think that hiring an amateur can save you money but the essence of hiring one is gone as amateurs cannot produce outcomes you expected. With a professional photographer, you won’t even need to instruct him with the littlest detail as he will right away know what to do.

Social Media

We all know that most people these days are fond of posting everything they do in social media and you can be assured that they will also post their attires in your big day. If you don’t want to be outdone in this matter, you really should ask them. You or your photographer should be the first one to post pictures about your wedding. So, they will not be tempted to post pictures, be sure that they have a place to congregate in which snacks and drinks are offered.

Incomplete Information

Unless you don’t want your guests to arrive in your venue on time, you have to make sure they are well-informed. If there is a bus assigned for them, you also need to tell the driver everything he needs to know for him to get the guests on time and for them to arrive at the venue safe and sound.

Dress Disasters

Even if you trust your dressmaker, even if your wedding dress is from a well-known provider, accidents can still happen. So that it won’t prevent your big day from pushing through, a sewing kit should be handy. And if by chance you end up tainting your own gown, you can remove the stain by using a towel to absorb most of the wine and by soaking that part with hot water in which you need to dab it with a white chalk or a baby powder.

Skipping Video

Immortalizing your big day through a video is just perfect for your future kids. Especially these days where there are already professional videographers, you don’t need to exert extra efforts. They will take care of everything and you only need to tell them what to cover and so on.

Indeed, a wedding is one of the most important highlights of your life. It is just right that you should properly prepare for this event. At the same time, it is also just right that you are ready for a backup plan in case something wrong will happen.

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