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Broadband Internet: What Is It For?

Fast connectivity is essential to use the most modern communication systems, from smart working to telemedicine and distance learning.

bluelines - Broadband Internet: What Is It For?

The path towards the creation of a single broadband internet network in Italy has already begun: an ad hoc public company will be created, in charge of creating the network connectivity infrastructure.

But what good is a connectivity broadband internet spread throughout Italy and able to reach all the houses? The potential of a fast connection is many and resorting to this system has now become essential to be able to access a wide range of services available online only for those with an adequate connection.

The Single Network

The Government’s intent is to create the single broadband network, or rather ultra- broadband given the technical characteristics, by the first quarter of 2021.

The plan for the single national company is still being defined as regards the aspects of corporate and financial participation of the parties involved, but from a technical point of view the way to create the new “digital highway” throughout the peninsula seems to have been definitively drawn.


The band is a data transmission channel on a computer telecommunications line; when it is large and powerful, it is defined as broadband, and ultimately also ultra-wide. The old and slow “narrow band” connections will belong more and more to the past.

In practice, as much as the channel is capable of supporting the transmission of a vast amount of data, the more the line is fast for those who use it: the connection is faster and works better.

The typical broadband system is that of a fiber optic connection, but the definition also includes internet access to mobile phones, from 3G upwards. Today the method of connection to the mobile network is 4G with unifi 800mbps and installations are underway to switch to the 5G system.

The Digital Divide

The spread of broadband on the territory and among the population is considered an important index of economic growth and a significant development factor: the modern traffic of information and also of trade and financial movements now passes mainly through digital channels.

To date, however, according to the latest Istat data, in Italy about one in 4 households (25.3%) does not have broadband internet access capable of supporting massive flows of data and audio video connections without problems. A situation that most affects the regions of the South, where on average one in 3 families does not have a connection to the broadband network.

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